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Austrian feedbacks Romania
On Sunday, 6th of March we met in the railway station in the evening. After 3 hours we arrived in Vienna. It was about midnight. We drove to Vienna’s airport and had to stay there until the morning. After a hard night on a McDonalds seat and long waiting our airplane flew to Bukarest. There we were friendly welcomed by two Romanian teachers. The trip with the car from Bukarest to Campina was interesting because Ive never been in Romania before. Well, after a short lunch stop on the highway we arrived at the about 30.000 inhabitants city Campina. First we were very nicely welcomed at the Energetic High school by students in traditional clothes. As the tradition in this country says, we could take a small piece of a big bread which tasted sweet and very good. Then we were welcomed by the headmaster, a politician of the town and with presentations about the sights that we would see during this week. After this, a few students showed us a wonderful traditional dance of Romania. It was very good and professional. Well, then we went to our host families. My family lived 5 minutes from the school and was very friendly. I got a nice room to sleep. There was even a TV with a German program. So, this day I got a good impression of the people there and I went to sleep at 6 oclock because I was so tired of the travel.
On Tuesday we all met at school. First the school was shown to us. It is an older building with some workshops. The whole school consists of 6 buildings, from sports hall to workshops. After this some teachers made exercises about conflicts with us. Then, at midday we drove to a restaurant for lunch. In the afternoon a teacher made a nice program with funny games. After this we went with our hosts to town. We walked to a bar to drink something and to play billiard. It was also very nice and great fun. And after having free time we were welcomed to a show in school. First, students played on some instruments and sung and then they made a fashion show with clothes made of paper. It was great. Because of the womens day and the birthday of a Hungarian student we went to a restaurant. There we had great fun. We ate, drank and danced. There was Romanian music and the students showed us the typical Romanian dances. I bought some flowers for the girl, who hosted me because she was very nice to me and it was womens day. Well, late in the night we returned to our hosts. As usual my host parents were remarkably nice and friendly to me.
On Wednesday we had to wake up very early in the morning because a long trip to a few sights was planed. First we went to Bran Castle. Bran castle is the place where the legendary Dracula lived. Then we went through a horror building and made a coffee break. After this we went to another sight: Peles castle. It was very beautiful and interesting. Then we strolled through the town and visited a coffee bar. After this, we walked to the farewell party at school. We made very funny games and ate wonderful cakes. A very good tasting cake was also made by a student’s mother. Ok, after the party we returned back to our host families. My hosts had a few nice presents for me.
On the last day in Romania we went to a technical company. In the very modern building we got a little impression about what they make. Then we visited an interesting church, some museums and also the town hall. After this, we ate in a restaurant. Then it was 4 o clock and we had to turn to the airport to fly back to Austria.
All in one Im very surprised how beautiful the visit was. I saw that the Romanians are very friendly people. For me it was also very interesting to visit a new country. So through this project I could see something new. The teachers and students prepared a very big and nice program for us. It was really a very nice, interesting and pleasant trip. Thank you! (Pöltzl)

I liked the project journey very much. It was great to speak and to do different other things with the pupils and teachers of Romania and Hungary. My host Bianca from Romania and her parents were very friendly and helpful to Maxi and me. We had a lot of fun in Romania and I was very surprised how many talents the pupils and teachers in Romania have. For example the students had made a present made of paper for us, it consisted of many small pieces of folded triangles. I looked great. One of the teachers had designed a collection of clothes made of paper. On Monday after the activities in the school the pupils went with us to a pub to play billiard and we talked a lot about different things. It was the first time that I talked so much about myself in English, but it was a very great experience to communicate with people who can’t speak German. My host family was very friendly. I liked them very much. The mother of Bianca had made a very good cake. It was the best cake I had ever eaten. The games that we did at school were very funny and also the tour through the school.
At last I want to thank all the teachers and pupils for the very beautiful and funny week in Romania. I’d like to give special thanks to Bianca for the very good food, the room and the very special cake. I hope I will see you and your family again as soon as possible because it was such a beautiful time in Romania. I hope that I have not forgotten anything. It was the best and most beautiful week I have ever had. (Kueß)

When I arrived in Romania all the prejudices I had heard seemed to be true but then we reached the school and everybody was so friendly to us, we got a lot of food and drinks and they prepared so much for us.
We were there on the Women’s Day, which is an interesting holiday there because in the streets there are many people selling flowers and the men buy them as presents for their wives. On the same day a Hungarian boy called Adam had his birthday and we celebrated it in a restaurant. I also liked to see the beautiful castles of Romania. My favourite one was the haunted castle beneath the Dracula castle.
At the house of my host they had four dogs, one of them was just two months old and I liked it a lot. Bianca’s mother is a really good cook and I liked the Romanian food very much. This project was a great experience for me and I discovered another country, made a lot of new friends and lost my prejudices about Romania. I loved it. (Hofstätter)

The first impression about Romania was amazing. We arrived at the school and the first thing we got was food. I was really surprised how much work they put into the presentations and everything else. And when I was at Cornelia’s house I felt really great. They were so nice and whenever I wanted to have something they did not hesitate to give it to me. Sometimes I did not even want anything and Cornelia asked me if everything was alright. The thing I liked the most on the second day was the birthday party of Adam. We had so much fun and when I think about it I am a bit sad everything has come to an end. But thinking about the last few days I have to say that I am really amazed by the castles we saw, my favourite one was the horror one, but it was a pity that we did not see Dracula, only his great granddaughter. And on the last day it was just funny to stay with the Romanians and Hungarians for lunch. We really had much fun and I hope we can see each other again. Never forget about the red-haired guy from Austria.(Jesse)

On the first day when we arrived I was tired, so it was very nice that the Romanian teachers were waiting for us. The stop at the restaurant was also nice because there I could first try Romanian food. I know that the Romanian people do not have much money, but when we were at school we could see that they really wanted to offer us a nice week. The organisation was very good and the headmaster friendly, but the presentations about their country were too fast.
When I came to the host family I saw that they were very caring. In other countries this is not so usual I think. They also paid for our food and all we needed. Also when I had stomach ache they helped me to feel better. In school there was a lot of project work and some of it was really interesting. I also saw at the party on Tuesday that they love dancing and have a different attitude of life. Then on the next day we had a long trip to two castles. It was very nice to see these buildings because of the special way they were built. In the evening we played different games. Some of the games like “the wool ball” and the “electric shock” very funny.
All in all I had a nice trip and was happy about the friendliness of the Romanians. I think I would like to do such a trip again. (Hohenberger)

On Sunday we drove from the railway station To Vienna . The trip in the train was very nice. Then we waited 9 hours at the airport of Vienna. The night was very long, but also very funny. After the floght we were welcomed from the Rumanian teachers at the airport. Then it took us two hours from Bukarest to Campina. When we arrived at the High school we were welcomed by the students with a traditional welcome ceremony. This ceremony included to eat a self-made bread. The bread tasted very good. After the welcome we got a map with some information about the school and Campina. We also listened a presentation about Rumania, the city Campina and the High school. The presentation was very extensive and very great. We also saw a traditional dance. I liked the dance, because I did not know it. After this we drove home to our host family. My host family lives 20 kilometres outside Campina. The family was very nice and hospitable. On Tuesday the Rumanian students showed us the school. The school consists of 6 buildings. After the tour in the School we played a game. The game was a little bit crazy, but also very funny. Then we have a break and after the break we had a workshop about conflicts. The workshop I think was very good because we learned to have confidence in each other. In a longer break we played billiard at a bar. After the break we had a very interesting musical and artistic programme.
The day ended with a fashion show. The clothes were made only out of paper. On Wednesday we had a guided tour to 2 castles. I liked the tour very much. When we come back from our trip we had a very nice farewell party with lots of funny games. On Thursday we visited a lot of sights and museums in Campina. It was nice and great.
On the whole the project was a very great and nice experience for me and I hope I can take part in more such projects. I loved the whole trip to Rumania and I hope we will do it again. (Fabian Buchbauer)



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    I can´t go to school because I am sick.
    If I walk out my house I’ll get hit by a brick.

    I can’t go to school because I’m afraid. On my way there I might get run over by a huge parade.

    I can’t go to school because I have a funereal to attend. School uniforms just aren’t the new trend.

    I can’t go to school because I woke up late. I broke my thumb while learning how to skate.

    I can’t go to school because I feel a little blue. My brother stuck my hands together with supper glue.

    I can’t go to school because school is boring. I wonder what excuses I’ll have tomorrow morning!

    \"I can\´t go to school\" By: Jasmine Shipp

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