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Romanian feedbacks

Romanian feedbacks


Austrian feedbacks


Travel to Budapest:
We spent 4 beautifull days from Sunday till  Wednesday in Budapest.
1 Day : The journey began on Sunday at the railway station  at  5 o’clock.
It took us 6 hours before we arrived in Budapest and  then we were received by the host families.
In the afternoon we went into a museum and there we had a lot of fun .
In the evening we had a little party and Dorina´s mother made pizza for us.
2 Day: In the morning we drove with the car to the school and I think it was really funny because on some roads we were allowed to drive 30 kph and we drove 120 and more ..
We visited the school and  in the afternoon we went to the 2nd largest mall in Europe and went shopping
3 Day: We went iceskating, visted the mine hospital the sugar shop , the big church .. I forgot its name ^^ and some other beautiful buildings .
In the evening we had a farewell party  and we celebrated the birthday of Prof Riken .
4 Day: We went to the parliament and made some nice pictures, bought some gifts for the parents in the big mall  and then it was time to say good bye to the Hungarian girls and we went back to Austria ..
I think it was a nice project and I hope we can do some projects like this again. (Gräf)



Our four awesome days in Hungary

1.Day: Palace of wonders

2.Day: presentation about school, project work for students and sightseeing

3.Day: project work, visit of classes and the library

4.Day: visit of a local newspaper office

My point of view about these days:

At the very beginning I want to mention that I really liked this project. There were so many new skills we got and so much information about a foreign culture. The program the Hungarians prepared was great. We had no boring minute in this wonderful country.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I had ever seen before. Trust me, I saw many, even if I’m only sixteen years old.

One of the best things which happened to me was the Hungarian food. It’s true that they have very fat food, but they cook it all themselves and they make it really good.

I ate soup, chicken, Goulash, something that seemed to be stew.

My very friendly host family gave me a typical Hungarian desert. First they tried to translate the Hungarian name. The result was: “Chocolate Snail”. That sounded very funny but at last, after I tasted it, they had to hide their Chocolate Snails from me.

Apropos my host family: They were polite, friendly, talked openly and cooked brilliantly. I do not have to say anything else.

I was really glad that I could improve my English skills much more than I thought I would be able to. That’s maybe because of the fact that we all were at different families and so we had not the chance to talk German.

My conclusion of this project is that I would like to be part of it again if I could. It improved so many skills. Interpersonal, historical, human and also my knowledge about foreign meals grew.

Indeed, the most beautiful sight was Budapest itself. Great buildings and there was one of the most marvellous views from the Fisher Bastion.

At the very end I must say: it was overwhelming.

(Jim Lassing)



The trip to Budapest started really early, too early I think. Before the sun raised we were all sitting in the train, mainly sleeping. The seven hours passed with a lot of card playing, a gift of God called Nintendo DS and the best fellow passengers ever. We did not realize that we entered Budapest but when we got out of the train, we had the same thought at the same moment: Budapest is more beautiful than Klagenfurt. Everywhere we saw this k&k style I like so much. We were collected by the students of the Rakoczi Gimnasium whom we partly knew. We were introduced to many new people and met the ones we knew well. Through a park we went to the good looking old building of the school, left our stuff there and went to a really interesting science exhibition. After answering some questions, we had free time. Now I want to tell you some really private incidents of the next hours. Let’s say it like this: Budapest got some good bars. After this we sat in the train towards the first 3000 kjoule of this travel. The family of my host student called Fischer was more than nice. First I ate two portions of some yummy soup (I wanted to be a good guest), but then I found out that there was a dessert: a Pannkuchenauflauf which tasted really good. I fell into the bed like a stone falls into water. I slept really fast.


The next morning started really early at 7 o’clock eating a really good Wienerschnitzel bread. We sleepily got on the train and to the school. The walk from the train station to the school was really beautiful. Every single house in Budapest is really unique and pretty like everything else here. We got the great chance to experience some presentations and a drama and theatre teaching at school, which was for some people great, for me not. After this we went through parts of the city like the hero square and the statue of the anonymous soldier. We had great fun seeing these sights. We knew each other better after this day and another two hours of incidents happened. Destroyed we went home to another 3000 kjoule (raclete). We slept very well.


And the next day started like every other day in Budapest, at this point I felt like a little Hungarian with another fat breakfast. Entering the school we had an hour of psychology which was very interesting because of the thoughts we exchanged about conflicts. We had a nice teacher who really knew how to work with teens. I had a lot of fun during these hours. After this we started a trip to the most beautiful districts I have ever seen. It was called the castle and we had a great view over the city and got some great impressions. During these moments I thought that Budapest is the most beautiful city in the world. But we had to go on and so we went to the cave hospital, a hospital of the Second World War in the rock. We weren’t allowed to touch anything and the atmosphere was very depressing in such a place, but because of the most enthusiastic guide in the history of guides we had a lot of fun. The hospital was just used once and it still works, but we don’t know. After leaving the cave without touching anything we went to Sodom and Gomorra, the place where I got fat, ate maybe one billion kjoules in the house of sugar (the reason why I cannot see sugar any more). One milkrice and the ambition to eat more than the girls was enough to kill me for the next hour. In the night we went to the Citadel, a huge discotheque with a huge statue on it, the statue of freedom. We took great pictures there in the dark and then we went to the farewell evening. We had a great party with a lot of liquid stuff, I mean coke. We had to solve a quiz and took a photo of everyone. I went home like a tank, but there was another meal before falling asleep. A soup and then a tiramisu that I could only partly eat. But Adam was sure we could eat the tiramisu for breakfast, too. With these words I went to bed.


The next day we went to the Parliament, a huge building with a crown in it. And with this last impression we had to leave our Hungarian and Romanian friends. It was really hard. When we look back we see a great time back there. Great friendships started and great experiences were made. I want to show what is better in Hungary and why their school building is better than ours: A free table soccer, clean toilets, a quite nice security guard (yeah they got one). Other advantages: cool bars without the disco music, the biggest shopping malls I have ever seen, great restaurants and many good girls, good looking, much nicer than at home and always laughing. (Offermanns)




Hungarian feedbacks


We were very excited to meet our new friends again, And meeting them in our beautiful capital city, Budapest, was an extra joy :) They arrived on Sunday and we immediately took them to the Palace of Wonders, which I think was a great choice! They enjoyed it, and so did we :) There were no student staying at me, so I dont know what the evening was like, but I ve heard that there was a party at Dorina, So it must have been amazing! :) Next day we took them on a trip around the school, the libary, classroom etc.  In the next few hours we had special  trainings with one of our teachers, who doesnt speak english so I had to translate, which was a challanging thing, but I did well I think! So it was a littlebit of dancing and getting to know each other better :) We had lunch at the school canteen. In the afternoon we took them to the most amazing sights of Budapest!

The next day we had personality trainings with the psychologist of the school. He was very kind and the whole group enjoyed the lesson, we were laughing a lot! :) And then we had an other amazing lunch at the canteen :) So usually after that we went to a fast food restaurant or sthing else :) In the afternoon we visited the Fishermans bastion and other georgeous bulidings! In the evening we went on a trip around the city, the Citadel, and of course sugar shop! :)

On the last day we met at the school and visited the most spectacular building of Hungary, the Parliament!. It was great to see it again from the inside, it still looks beautiful!

After that we said goodbye to the Austrians and Romanian students :( But I hope they had a great week, and then a good journey on their way home! (Brigitta Hajdu)


We spent 4 exciting days together with our foreign friends .
At the first day we went to the Palace of Wonders, which was fascinating for all the people they came with us. I think everybody enjoyed it. At the afternoon some Austrians and some of my friends came to our house and we made a little party. We had a good time together, it was very good to know each other better than before.
At the second day after this exhausting day , we went to school very early. We showed the school for the students. They were amased by the toilets, how clean they are..:D We had some interesting lessons with our psychologist and than we went to a trip around the city. We visited the most beautiful buildings in Budapest.
The next day we had some other drama lessons, with some dancing and music and we went on a big tour int he city. We saw the Castle ,the Fishermans bastei. It was good to see that they liked so much our big and old city, everybody told us, how fascinating and beautifull Budapest is.At the evening we went to the bigest shopping mall called, Arena plaza. They had some free time there, so they could go shopping and buy some present for the family. We had a farewell evening too in the school, we should backe some cookies and after that we went home to celebrate our last night together. We had another great party together.
At the last day we went to our most beautifull building, to the Parliament .Everybody was sad that the Rumanian and Austrians are going home, but we had a great week together here in our country and in Klagenfurt too. I hope that we will see eachother soon (Dorina Toppler)






    2010-09-12 19:48:05

    I can´t go to school because I am sick.
    If I walk out my house I’ll get hit by a brick.

    I can’t go to school because I’m afraid. On my way there I might get run over by a huge parade.

    I can’t go to school because I have a funereal to attend. School uniforms just aren’t the new trend.

    I can’t go to school because I woke up late. I broke my thumb while learning how to skate.

    I can’t go to school because I feel a little blue. My brother stuck my hands together with supper glue.

    I can’t go to school because school is boring. I wonder what excuses I’ll have tomorrow morning!

    \"I can\´t go to school\" By: Jasmine Shipp

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