Hard work has never killed anybody, but why take the risk ? ;)

 My name is Marcell Müllner and Im 17 years old. Im attending to Rákóczi Ferenc II high school
to a language department. I wouldnt consider myself as a hard-working student, but I have a good
mark at most subjects. In my freetime I usually do some kin of sport, mostly fencing and running
but sometimes rock climbing. When Im at home I am used to watch series, or playing something on
my computer. I like hanging out with my friends, which I do often. On weekends I like going to
concerts of rock, metal or hardcore bands(mostly Subscribe). I love doing fun-sports, like snowboardoarding
in the winter, or sailing on Lake Balatod during the summer. Seriously I can only survive winter
with some snowboarding mostly in Austria. I have two brothers all younger than me, and a step-sis-
ter, since my parents are divorced.
















































    2010-09-12 19:48:05

    I can´t go to school because I am sick.
    If I walk out my house I’ll get hit by a brick.

    I can’t go to school because I’m afraid. On my way there I might get run over by a huge parade.

    I can’t go to school because I have a funereal to attend. School uniforms just aren’t the new trend.

    I can’t go to school because I woke up late. I broke my thumb while learning how to skate.

    I can’t go to school because I feel a little blue. My brother stuck my hands together with supper glue.

    I can’t go to school because school is boring. I wonder what excuses I’ll have tomorrow morning!

    \"I can\´t go to school\" By: Jasmine Shipp

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