Hard work has never killed anybody, but why take the risk ? ;)

It was the longest trip abroad in my life and I really loved it.
We stayed at Provita de Sus, which we visited with my host. We ate at hers some traditional Romanian dishes – a very delicious soup, the name of which I don’t remember and chicken with rice made in Romanian style. Our dinner was also traditional: mamaliguta wiht saremale – stuffed cabbage.
In the afternoon, we went to the school programme. The headmaster had a speech, which was in my opinion a good speech, then there were some presentations about the school, about the spiritual things, and we also had a folkloric presentation which was fascinating.
The second day we were mostly at school, to have some lessons on conflicts and how to solve conflicts – not physical but with verbal methods and we had some great experiences. We had also celebrated Adam’s birthday in  Munutenia.
The third day we visited some castles: we went to Bran castle,where we saw some monuments of Romanian kings and queens. After that, we went to the Castelu Groazei – the haunted castle where we were very afraid. We visited afterwards the Peles Castle which is a beautiful castle. I really liked it. We had on Wednesday the farewell party with some playful exercises and we got some souvenirs from Romania.
On the last day we visited a church and some museums of Campina (for example Hasdeu Castle, Grigorescu museum with some beautiful paintings of his)
In the afternoon, we went shopping and said goodbye to our hosts.
Well, I think that was a very nice trip, I really love Romania. It’s a pity that we couldn’t stay longer. I want to go to Romania again!

(Holka Aranka)

Our host, Cosmin was really really kind and hospitable. We had a great time. His family was nice, friendly and open-minded. His grandmother made for us a traditional Romanian dessert. Julia, his mother’s friend, cooks fantastic dishes! We really enjoyed the short time that we spend together. Cosmin was a great host and he is a perfect friend. We hope we’ll be friends forever!
The workshops were very interesting and funny. We could learn about how to solve our conflicts. We had some special programmes and the castles were really beautiful. It was a great experience to make new friends. We hope we will keep in touch and they can come to Hungary in the summer.

(Bartos Franciska and Schiffer Ádám)

At first we want to say thank you to Madalina who hosted us. Everyone was very kind and hospitable in her family. Her mother cooked delicious Romanian dishes. Madalina lives in a little town, called Magureni, which has got a special and calm atmosphere, and we were happy to have experienced it. We participated in several programs, for example the workshops where we learned about how to solve conflicts and sighseeing where we got to know better the country and its history.
The welcome was very special, they presented a folk dance and a music show. We were surprised and amazed. We visited the Peles castle, Bran castle, Julia Hasdeu castle, and the castle of Dracula. On the second day we travelled to see another town, Sinaia, it was beatiful and amazing, full of mountains.
We really didn1t want to say goodbye to Romania and the Romanians. The group was so good that we promised to see each other again. Maybe in the summer.

(Seenger Dorotty and Csák Berta)



    2010-09-12 19:48:05

    I can´t go to school because I am sick.
    If I walk out my house I’ll get hit by a brick.

    I can’t go to school because I’m afraid. On my way there I might get run over by a huge parade.

    I can’t go to school because I have a funereal to attend. School uniforms just aren’t the new trend.

    I can’t go to school because I woke up late. I broke my thumb while learning how to skate.

    I can’t go to school because I feel a little blue. My brother stuck my hands together with supper glue.

    I can’t go to school because school is boring. I wonder what excuses I’ll have tomorrow morning!

    \"I can\´t go to school\" By: Jasmine Shipp

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