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Cosmin Cernica

I had a wonderful time in Budapest and Im sure that Ill never forget this experience.

My host family have made me feel like a member of the family and I want to say that I will always keep them in my heart.

I am planning to go back in Budapest in this summer to visit my host family and enjoy the beauty of the city.

I want others to experience what I did-making new friends,seeing a new charming place and having the time of their life.

In conclusion this trip was ZSIR!


Cornelia Grozea

Our trip in Budapest was very nice. I liked very much places were we go and I think I will come back soon in Budapest. My family was very nice with me and I was happy to stay there and to meet Lili. She was very nice and sow careful with me. To sum up I liked everything and I am eager to see them again.


Mihai  Sorete

We had a long journey with the train and when we arrived to Budapest we were all very tired. But me and my new group had a good chance to know each other because we stayed all day in the town , walking and talking and trying to get some fun. We visited the Palace of Wanders (Csodak Palotaje),Millenarius Park and some parts of the town. I had a good time there. In the other days we walked at the museums and we  visited the squares and the nice place`s in Budapest. We went at the school everyday for 1,2 hours for activites. On the Berta`s house was really good couse` her parrent`s treatead me good and she too.I made real good friend`s there and I enjoyed.



Madalina Lambru
For me the journey was very beautiful and was my first travel outside the country .When we arrived the hosts were very kind and help me at many things and they show us the Budapest beauty. We saw a lot of beautiful things like the Parliament that wasn’t only beautiful but also a very historical building,The Citadella were I’ve seen probably the best view,Hero Square a must see in Budapest full of history and beauty,Chain Bridge at night that is absolutly beautiful and other places that I forgot the name right now. In a few words Budapest is a wonderful place that need to be visited and also the people are very friendly and is a pleasure to talk with them.



Cristofor Serban

For me this journey was awesome. After we took the train from Campina we went to Budapest. It was a long and exhausting journey of 15 hours. When we arrived at the station named Railway Station in Budapest, I known Adam Schiffer, my host. Its a good guy, very  friendly, and he has a large family. After everyone has known their host, I known three very cute girls named Lili Szinger, Dóry Seenger and Berta Csák.
In each of the days we spent time together and we understood perfectly. What I liked most about everyone in our group is that they have respect for each other. They have a very large city with a lot of people. Hungary is a country that deserves a model for us. I felt great and I expect to come in our country. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to have the opportunity to be part of another experience like it.

Ana Maria Ene

It is seven o’clock. We are in the train. All the voices that are in our heads are saying Budapest. What a great city! All of us already know same important information about Budapest. We have decided earlier to read as much as we can because once we are there we can see more things knowing in advance about them.

Our travel which took more than ten hours, was very exhaust. When we got there despite the fact that we were tired we felt very good. That because our host families received us with a big smile on their faces.

My host family(in the beginning Aranka and her father) after we become acquainted they took me in their home, but first they showed me a little part of the town.

So here we are at Aranka’s home! “What a great house!” I said in my mind.

When I entered the house the first face that I saw was the face of her mother. What a lovely woman!

Then her sister joined us and said ‘’hello’’ to me. After I met all the family and I took up my baggage, they invited me to take the lunch with them. The meal was delicious! Can I tell you a secret??( but don’t tell anyone about this: Aranka’s Mother cooks fantastic!)

After we finished our lunch Aranka took me to a walk and showed the surroundings.

When we got back home, we saw that the clock was already one o’clock so we had to go because at two o’clock we would meet the entire group.

After all of us say hello again(because a part of us already know each other from Klagenfurt), we entered Millenaris. There we had to answer some questions about what we saw when we visited the Palace of Wonders. In this Palace of Wonders. Among other things I had the opportunity to lie on nails without prick me. I learnt that is not a good idea to lie on Fakir’s bed when the nails are already out because the weight of our body won’t be disturbed among 5000 tips.

In the evening, after we left Millenaris, Aranka and Ilona showed me some sightseeing of Budapest.

We had a great time all three. When we got home while Ilona was preparing the dinner, Aranka was teaching me some Hungarian words. Aranka hope I was a good student.

In the next morning they took me to school. There the Hungarians showed some important things about their school through a presentation PowerPoint. I was excited about their greening project. I think that is a good job.

After this presentation we were divided into two groups to do some workshops about conflicts.

We have to do different exercises which taught us how to prevent and treat a conflict, how to be more responsible, and how to control our emotions.

In this evening  a part of our Romanian group went to Citadela. What a lovely place! All the Budapest can be seen from that site. I was very exited! Aranka and Adams showed us all the buildings that we had seen during the day.

In the next day we went to skate. We had a lot of fun there and I am very proud of me because I didn’t fall despite the fact that I was skating for the second time in my life.

Then after we ate something we went to see some sightseeing of Budapest.

In the evening we had the farewell party where we had to solve an impossible mission.

In one hour we formed 6 groups and solve 12 tasks. We did that very well.

Our group missions were to find the meaning of Budapest and to find out the nearest five places where we could eat sushi.

Like rewards we received some sandwiches and cakes and some juice.

The last day was beautiful too but we were upset because in the evening we had to go home.

Despite that we enjoyed the Parliament building. After we sad goog-bye to Austrians, we went shopping, then back to school to take our luggage and then to the railway station!

I am very excited about Hungary. Budapest is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. And the people are nicely too. You are great! Hope I can see Budapest again, very soon! Take care of your school is beautifull!






    2010-09-12 19:48:05

    I can´t go to school because I am sick.
    If I walk out my house I’ll get hit by a brick.

    I can’t go to school because I’m afraid. On my way there I might get run over by a huge parade.

    I can’t go to school because I have a funereal to attend. School uniforms just aren’t the new trend.

    I can’t go to school because I woke up late. I broke my thumb while learning how to skate.

    I can’t go to school because I feel a little blue. My brother stuck my hands together with supper glue.

    I can’t go to school because school is boring. I wonder what excuses I’ll have tomorrow morning!

    \"I can\´t go to school\" By: Jasmine Shipp

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